Display Tidal Data in Real-Time

Gathering data from a network or serial port, TideReach creates good looking displays on networked or internet enabled devices.

  • Displays on LAN via LCD Monitors
  • Display via web on PC, Tablet or SmartPhone
  • Customised display - matching your company style.
  • No need for server-side technology or browser plug-ins
  • Uses standard web-hosting service
  • Optional Surge Predictor Module displays predicted tidal curve See TideReachSP
  • Data Source Options:
  • 1. From Tide Gauge via TCP/IP RS232
  • 2. From 3rd Party Database Microsoft JET Access etc.

Typical examples of the displays are shown above.


Each display label is highly configurable both in terms of size, colour and data channel for display.

Tidereach System Diagram

Using input from a TCP/IP or RS232 text or NMEA formats, TideReach can output to a database and/or a text display. Multiple copies of the module may be deployed over a local area network to enable the creation of repeater tide-gauge displays. Using a highly versatile configuration system, TideReach also has the ability to operate over wireless networks e.g. IEEE 802.11b/g.


Although operating over the internet, TideReach is a decentralised display and storage solution, designed to display your tidal information without requiring subscription to a third party web2.0 facility.

With TideReach you are in full control, and also have full responsibility, over where your data is stored and displayed.


TideReach Surge Predictor Option