NMEPos: NMEA 0183 GPS Position Simulator

The NMEPos program sends an NMEA navigation signal to marine navigation equipment thereby simulating a vessel's movement.


It is intended for the operation of marine navigation equipment on "dry land" for demonstrating, testing & lecturing. Featuring:-

  • Ship's Starting Point, Speed, Heading, Rate of Turn
  • NMEA 0183 GLL / GGA / RMC
  • Run, Stop, Pause
  • Checksum Option
  • Com Port Selectable
  • Save and Load Voyage

Demonstrate / test your navigation plotter or ECDIS at:-.

  • Exhibitions / Conferences
  • Laboratories
  • Equipment Workshops

NMEPos simulates the vessel's movements by repeatedly sending NMEA sentences containing the ship's position to your marine equipment.

The NMEA marine equipment responds to the signal sent in exactly the same way as it would respond to the signal from an on-board GPS receiver unit - simulating a vessel's movement.

Requires RS232/422 connection from the Windows PC to Navigation equipment. If no serial port is available you can use a USB to RS232/RS422 converter.

Further details are in the help file which installs with the trial program.

Click HERE to download NMEPOS V1.1.12 (1.7Mb). Trial version operates without licence code for 10 days free of charge!.

Note V1.1.11 includes a bugfix which correctly auto-selects the available com serial port.


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