XYit: Image Digitizer

Capture XY data from Maps & Graphs

XYit is a Windows app which captures XY co-ordinates from graphs, maps and plans, providing you with the original XY values of point and line features. XYit avoids complexity and is easy to operate, and is ideal for digitizing most scientific, engineering and financial plots. XYit comes with a magnifier for improved digitizing accuracy and can handle corrections for image distortion.

  • Graphs: science, engineering, linear, log, date.
  • Nautical Charts : Mercator, latitude & longitude, equiangular, UTM.
  • Maps & Plans: XY Land, Northing & Easting,
  • Charts: Financial
  • Corrects for image stretch, squash & rotation.

You can also do the reverse - plot XY points back onto an image - for showing proposed traffic routes, boundary changes etc. This unique program is an invaluable tool for image analysis, graphing, charting and mapping. More

Click HERE to download XYit: 3Mb
Trial version operates for 10 days free of charge!.